Tuberculosis in greek journals: 1845-1901
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Pneumon 2006;19(4):347-354
Object of the present study constitutes the history of tuberculosis during the period from 1854 till 1901, namely the second half of the 19th century. Mainly relative scientific articles existing in the medical press of the time supported the study of this subject. Through them emerges the picture that the scientific community of the time had for the disease and how it evolved through time. The big mortality of tuberculosis prompted the scientists to deal intensively with its research. From 1854 till 1901, great discoveries take place, which will reverse many theories that were in effect up to the end of the 19th century. Specifically, after its contagious nature is proven, an end to the disagreements of doctors as for the ways of infection/contamination of tuberculosis is given while the discovery of the pathogenesis of the disease places the research for the discovery of an effective treatment on a new base. As it appears through their articles, the Greek doctors watch the researches of their foreign colleagues, where they republish and comment on foreign studies while at the same time they also publish the results of their own experimentations. Pneumon 2006; 19(4):347-354.
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