Treatment of lung cancer. Present and future.
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Pneumon 2004;17(3):272-288
Treatment of lung cancer is based on knowledge of the extent of the disease and the histologic tumor type (NSCLC and SCLC). Surgery for SCLC is considered in very selected patients with very limited disease who respond to chemotherapy, but is the best choice for patients with early stage NSCL and for those who do not have demonstrable metastases. Chemotherapy is the initial treatment of choice for SCLC with the maximal dose and combinations with several drugs. Also is recommended for metastatic lung cancer, certain NSCLC being treated with radiation therapy and in clinical trial investigation is used after surgery. Radiation alone or in combination with chemotherapy may be appropriate for inoperable tumor. It is also used as palliative therapy to relieve symptoms and is similar to surgery but not alternative to provide local control. After surgery, radiation is performed to decrease local recurrence and as preoperative therapy (neoadjuvant), alone or with experimental chemotherapy. New chemotherapy drugs, ongogenes, markers, monoclonal antibodies e.t.c. are under study. Pneumon 2004, 17(3):272-288.
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