Recurrence in patients that underwent surgery for lung cancer
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Thoracic Surgery Department of «Sotiria» Athens Chest Diseases Hospital, Athens, Greece
10th Department of Respiratory Medicine of «Sotiria» Athens Chest Diseases Hospital, Athens, Greece
Oncology Department of 3rd University Medical Clinic of «Sotiria», Athens, Greece
Corresponding author
Evangelos Sepsas
Thoracic Surgery Department of “Sotiria” Regional Chest Diseases Hospital, 152 Mesogeion Av., 11527 Athens, Greece
Pneumon 2017;30(3):133-140
The recording and analysis of lung cancer recurrences in patients with primary non-small cell lung cancer that initially underwent radical surgical treatment.

This is a retrospective study that deals with the occurrence of lung cancer recurrences through systematic postoperative follow-up of 350 Greek patients with primary non-small cell lung cancer for 5 years. All of these patients underwent radical surgical treatment in the same Thoracic Surgery Department in the period 1995-2010.

Of the 350 patients, 308 were male and 42 female, 50% had adenocarcinoma, 40% squamous cell lung carcinomas, 8% undifferentiated large cell lung carcinomas, and 2% mixed type of adenosquamous lung carcinomas. A total of 350 interventions were performed, of which 158 were lobectomy, 42 bilobectomy and 150 pneumonectomy. Of the 350 patients, 130 experienced relapse within five years of which 31 were diagnosed with local relapse, 65 with distant metastases and 34 with a combination of both.

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