Molecular mechanisms and apoptosis in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis
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Pneumon 2003;16(3):289-305
Tuberculosis still remains the most common cause of death from infectious diseases in the general population, whereas proofs of the disease have been found in mummies aged 5.000 years old. These data confirm that the mycobacterium of tuberculosis is characterized by high tolerance and potential alternation of its ability to infect and its defense mechanisms that have allowed it to survive through centuries. The knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of apoptosis, which is the basic defense mechanism of macrophages and the clarification of the role of cytokines and virulent components of mycobacterium in combination with the understanding of the potential role of other agents such as nitric oxide and calcium could possibly provide us with new therapeutic alternatives beyond the known antibiotic treatments in the future. Pneumon 2003, 16(3):289-305.
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