Inflammatory pseudotumor of the lung: our experience
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Pneumon 2006;19(1):49-53
Inflammatory pseudotumor (IPT) is a rare benign lesion of the lung of unknown origin. We retrospec¬tively present our experience in the surgical management of ten such cases. During the period 7/1995¬6/2001, 10patients (8 males, 2 females) were operated on due to undefined pulmonary lesions that were ultimately identified as IPT. Mean patient age was 53.5±8.4years (range: 42-69years). The main clinical manifestations included haemoptysis or bloody sputum (3), and recurrent pulmonary infec¬tions (3); the pulmonary lesion was an incidental finding in 4 cases. The thorough preoperative work¬up was negative for malignancy in all cases. All patients underwent exploratory thoracotomy. Frozen sections obtained from the lesions were negative for malignancy in 2 cases and non-diagnostic in the rest. Seven lobectomies, 1 pneumonectomy and 2 wedge pulmonary resections in disease-free margins were performed. The mean postoperative period was 10.2±4.4 days (range: 6-19 days). Morbidity was 10% (due to prolonged air-leakage in 1 patient), while mortality was nil. The pathology report showed that all cases were IPTs, with a mean tumor size of 3.3±1.3 cm (range: 1-5.5 cm). In follow-up examination, all patients are alive with a mean survival of 63.1±19.7 months (range: 32-102 months), with no evidence of recurrence of the lesion. IPT is mimicking lung cancer in clinical and radiological presentations. Neither preoperative investigation, nor intraoperative frozen section pathology exami¬nation are diagnostic. The treatment of choice is surgical resection, which has both diagnostic and therapeutic value, with excellent results. Pneumon 2006,19(1):49-53.
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