Cough in Asthma
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Pneumon 2000;13(1):57-63
Asthma is generally reported as a frequent cause of chronic cough especially in children. Cough due to asthma is commonly accompanied by wheezing or dyspnea but it can be the sole manifestation of asthma (cough variant asthma). The possible mechanisms for the asthmatic cough is inflammation mainly localized at the central airways, bronchoconstriction or increased sensitivity of the cough receptors. The diagnosis of asthma in case of cough variant asthma is not always easy and the bronchial provocation test is of great value especially when spirometry and reversibility tests are negative. The asthmatic cough is treated just like classic asthma and the use of per os steroids is sometimes necessary. The response of cough to the antiasthmatic treatment is a safe criterion for the diagnosis of asthma. Pneumon 2000, 13 (1): 57-63
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