Bronchoscopic diagnosis of typical pulmonary carcinoid tumors. Review of the years 1990-2001
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Pneumon 2003;16(3):327-331
ABSTRACT. Typical pulmonary carcinoid tumors are well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumors. The objective of the present study is to review cases of typical pulmonary carcinoid tumors diagnosed in the Bronchoscopy Department of the General Regional Hospital “G. Papanikolaou” over the period from 1990 through 2001. Reviewing the medical records of this period, 25 patients [16 male, 9 female, aged (mean±SD) 56,96±15 years] with typical pulmonary carcinoid tumors were identified, which account for 0.32% of all lung tumors diagnosed during the same period. All cases of pulmonary carcinoid tumor were diagnosed by endobronchial biopsy, whereas additional cytology studies on specimens obtained by brushing, lavage, or transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) were performed in the majority of the patients. Locations of typical carcinoid tumors, presenting symptoms, as well as sensitivities of the available diagnostic methods are also presented. In conclusion, bronchoscopy is very effective in the diagnosis of typical carcinoid tumors due to their frequent occurrence in major airways. Endobronchial biopsy and, to a lesser extent, TBNA are considered bronchoscopical diagnostic methods of choice, whereas the risk of bronchoscopy associated bleeding is insignificant. Pneumon 2003, 16(3):327-331.
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