A case of mucoepidermoid lung tumour; bronchoscopic findings of similar cases in Northern Greece during the last decade
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Pneumon 2007;20(1):95-98
SUMMARY. Mucoedidermoid lung tumours represent a rare group of primary lung cancers. They are categorized as salivary gland tumours due to their discrete histologic characteristics. They are usually low grade tumours, located endobronchially, and distant metastasis are rare. The treatment of choice is surgical resection, followed in some instances by irradiation as adjuvant or palliative therapy. Completely resectable low grade tumours generally have an excellent prognosis. The case is presented of mucoedidermoid lung tumour in a young adult and a short review is made of similar cases diagnosed in Nothern Greece during the last decade. Pneumon 2007; 20(1):95-98.
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